How to increase your chances of getting a job after an interview

In the current realities of constant staff turnover, many of us will soon face interviews. Unfortunately, basically advice to job seekers ends at the moment the interview is physically completed. Accordingly, only a few are aware of the proactive actions that a candidate can take while awaiting the decision of recruiters upon completion of an interview. This cannot … Read more

Tips for an accountant on writing a quality resume

  A correctly written resume increases the applicant’s chances of quickly finding an interesting and well-paid job, while mistakes in the resume can make it impossible for even an experienced professional to find a job. Let’s figure out what is needed and what does not need to be indicated in the resume, and also find out … Read more

A competent resume of a lawyer: from A to Z

It would seem that it is difficult to write a resume? But experts say that not all competently executed and filed without a single mistake applications for a vacant position are interesting to a potential employer. A professional approach and knowledge of some of the nuances that can not be read in the first available online edition … Read more

Resume Writing Tips for a Sales Manager

When hiring specialists to the place of a sales manager, regardless of the direction of the company, high demands are placed on this employee. Indeed, the volume of revenue directly depends on how efficiently he can organize his work and the work of his subordinates. Inability to negotiate with suppliers and customers, self-doubt or lack of knowledge … Read more

The role of a letter of recommendation when applying for an administrator job

The administrator of a hotel, trading floor, fitness center, beauty salon or other facility must have the skills of a manager. The general productivity of labor depends on his ability to organize the work of subordinates and to set feasible tasks for them. When selecting candidates for the position of administrator, an employer does not have enough … Read more

4 Reasons Not To Use A Functional Resume Format

Lately, a lot of job seekers have been asking about the functional resume format. They’re looking for ways to handle embarrassing work history problems — things like lay-offs, gaps in employment, and job hopping. While it’s true that the functional resume does give a nice clean way to deal with these problems, it’s not the … Read more

A Professional Resume Template

A professional resume template is one of the smartest tools you could have for creating your resume. A good resume template will make you look professional in the eyes of the employer, even before she reads a single word on the page. Of course, knowing how to pick a good resume template is key. And that’s … Read more

The Best Resume Format

  Does having the best resume format really matter? You bet it does! A good resume format makes it easy for an employer to see — in a few red-hot seconds — that you have the qualifications to do the job — and will do it well! What You Need to Know About Resume Formats The best resume … Read more