Authorization Form Template

Authorization form template is needed in order to generate your own unique form and to save time on work-related tasks. These forms are used by many businesses to capture all the information regarding the relevant process of the company. This particular template was designed with a view to show examples of different formats. For instance, … Read more

Medical Records Request Form

Medical records request forms are not too complicated. You just need to fill out a few forms, pay a fee and in a matter of minutes you can get your personal health records in a readable format. The sample medical records request form has simple instructions and explanations about how to use it. The paper … Read more

Medical Records Release Authorization Form

The authorization form is used by a doctor to release personal medical information to a patient or health care professional who is seeking it for medical reasons. A physician should be able to make copies of medical records release authorization form. However, doctors who do not make copies of this form are breaking the law. … Read more

Simple Medical Release Form

Once you are finished with your Simple Medical Release form, you have to follow the other requirements of the Release form. In order to get this completed, you will need a couple of forms. These can be the Simple Medical Release form and the Original Birth Certificate, as well as a social security card. The … Read more

Medical Release Form Template

If you are looking for a free medical release form template, then you need to look no further. This free template has been designed by a company that was founded in 1996 and is used by thousands of people all over the world. The Sample Medical Release Form Template was created for anyone that has … Read more

International Marketing Executive Cover Letter

In this cover letter sample for an International Marketing Executive, Andres shows that he’s done his homework and knows what his reader needs. He also addresses an issue of possible concern: his current unemployment. He does this very diplomatically in the last paragraph Unemployment Gap Explained in a Cover Letter Generally speaking, it’s not a … Read more

Sample Military Cover Letter

“Start your civilian job search early!” That’s the advice folks get about a year before they exit the military. But if you send out a resume months before you exit, how do you say you can’t start work right away? Don (not his real name) wrote in with that question. So I wrote a sample … Read more

Fill In The Blank Cover Letter Template

Usually I recommend keeping a cover letter short, especially a cover letter for a college graduate who is just starting her career. So I was interested when Maria (not her real name) sent me the following fill-in-the-blank cover letter template she created for various job applications. Maria “broke” a few of my┬ácover letter guidelines. She: … Read more