Salary of a doctor in 2019. How can a physician increase their salary by 10 times by writing the right resume?

Do doctors work well in Russia? Ask this question – and get directly opposite answers. Someone gets 20 thousand, someone 10-15 times more. Where does such a “fork” come from in the earnings of doctors? How to find a place where you will be paid from 100 thousand rubles? And what role does a correctly compiled resume play in this? … Read more

The most popular mistakes when compiling a resume of a sales consultant

There is a demand for professional employees in any field, but in trade it is the highest. This is due to the specifics of work: irregular and shift schedules, high tension, constant movement, the need to remain vigilant throughout the day, financial responsibility. These and other factors become the reasons for high staff turnover. Many employers approach the … Read more

How to create a resume? 9 rules for a professional resume!

What do You need to do to write the perfect resume? There is no answer to this question, and there can be no correct answer, because there are no perfect resumes – in each case you need an individual approach. Rule of creating resume number 1: clearly formulate the desired position The title of the … Read more

Rules of the Road for Cover Letters and Job Search Emails

You may assume cover letters should be boring. Well, throw that theory out the window and use the following “Rules of the Road” to create a letter that will make yours unlike (in a positive way) anyone else’s on an employer’s desk. Four Rules of the Road for Writing a Cover Letter or Cover Email … Read more