39 tips to Improve Your Resume Quickly

It is very important to follow the registration of the resume! If last year we all trudged from the infographic, today is the time of minimalism and calm colors. Therefore, prepared a checklist on the design, it will help to update the resume in 2, 5 or 10 minutes.

If you only have 2 minutes
1. Change the font
Change the standard Times New Roman or Calibri to Arial, Helvetica or Verdana. A simple and readable font will not affect the content of the resume, but will add points in the eyes of HR.

2 . Delete “Links on Demand”
Add links right away or delete the line. If the recruiter needs links, he’ll ask.

3 . Check the spelling
Let’s not explain why we should check errors in the text. Better keep 9 tools for those who write there and for spelling there.

4 . Choose the right format
Save your resume in PDF format, so the design will not eat when opening on different devices.

5 . Change the name of the document
Rename the file with your resume to “Ivan Sreyuman, Sales Manager.” Recruiter will be easier to find you and remember what position you are applying for.

6 . Delete the address if you plan to move
If you want to move and are looking for a job in a new city – remove this address from the resume. Otherwise, the recruiter can immediately reject a non-resident candidate.

7 . Add links to social media
Links to Instagram and Flickr will be appropriate if you look for a social media or design post. Before you add links to pages, be sure to clean your profile: remove photos from a fun corporate or refrigerator reposts. The first impression of a person is formed from his page in social networks.

8 . Remove boilerplate phrases
Clear your resume scan scan of unnecessary phrases like “I’m a hard-working professional who wants to work for your company.” So it is clear that you need a job, use the space for useful information that will hook the recruiter.

9. Edit hyperlinks
Recruiters are also people and they are lazy to insert a link into the search bar to find you. Set up hyperlinks so HR can see your creative site or Instagram.

10. Remove unnecessary data
Date of birth, marital status, religion do not characterize you as a professional, so safely remove.

11 . Remove the year of graduation from the institute
If you got your degree more than three years ago, take away the year of graduation. It is important for the employer to be aware of the availability of education and nothing more.

12. Swap jobs and education
If you study and work, focus on your work – move the education information below. For holders of long experience, it is also more logical to place the data on the institute below the list of previous positions.

13. Make the text readable
Increase the inter-line interval to make the text easier to read. You can find this feature in Word in the Format tab, google Docs on the toolbar.

14. Reduce fields
Choose one of 300 free resume templates and edit the fields to get more room for text. Reduce the upper and lower fields to 0.5-1 cm, lateral to 0.75-1 cm.

If you have 5 minutes
15. School information – delete
Boldly remove mentions of schooling.

16. Re-learn
Add skills that have recently been acquired and remove the old ones. For example, “confident PC user,” “knowledge of MS Office package.” 6 skills to add to your resume in 2018.

17. Divide your skills into subgroups
If you’re an expert in multiple fields, group your skills by industry and tell us about each. Don’t mix English at the upper-intermediate level with programming on Python.

18. Check out the formatting
Titles, lists and markers are designed in the same style to make the text look neat.

19. Get rid of cuts
Decipher abbreviations, or use both spellings for a term or a name – abbreviated and complete.

20. Stick to a concise design
Choose a calm color pattern for your resume if you are not a designer or a job seeker for another creative position.

21. Edit long breaks
Do not write the exact start and end dates for each place, but specify the years – 2016-2017.

22. Paraphrase
Reread resumes and replace boring verbs or phrases with more energetic and active ones. “VKontakte group” doesn’t sound good, but “increased the number of subscribers by 30% in 2 months” already says something.

22. Leave history in the past
Experienced professionals with experience of 7-10 years can not specify all the places of work. Describe the last 5 years of work experience and those positions that echo the vacancy.

24. Remove transfers
Long sentences are transferred to the next line in one or two words. Shorten or paraphrase the offer to save space.

25. Add dividers
Divide the items with dividing lines – so it’s easier to navigate the sections.

26. Replace words with numbers
Not “thirty people” but “30 people.” 🙂 Numerical values are easier to read by numbers, plus save space.

27. Read aloud
Find bugs you missed and see how the phrases actually sound.

If you have 10 minutes
28. Check out the first impression
View the beginning of the document, the part that the recruiter sees first after downloading the resume. Determine what catches your eye and what you can immediately catch.

29. Reduce responsibilities
Describe no more than 6-7 responsibilities for each of the past posts.

30 . Ask for an opinion from the outside
Let not very close to a friend read the CV and after 30 seconds ask what points he remembered and what impression he had. Take feedback.

31. Use Word Cloud
Summary is a presentation of the strongest points, the mention of them should pass in a red thread throughout the text. Download the text to the Word Cloud generator and see what keywords are in the text.

Add numbers
Increased sales for the quarter – indicate how much interest. The project team was in charge – specify how many people there were and how long the management lasted.

33 . Describe the benefit to the employer
Write what exactly will be useful to the company, offer an idea for the project or direction of development. This will set you apart from the willing crowd.

Add jobs
If you start your career and have almost no work experience, think about free internships, summer internships, volunteering and describe this experience. 4 more tips on how to write a resume without work experience.

35. Shorten the text
Check the formatting: remove the double gaps, reduce indentations. Don’t forget about the text – the recruiter looks through one resume for a couple of minutes (sometimes seconds), so describe only important points and on the case.

36. Use the summary template
Keep our free resume designer with 20’s stylish templates.

37. Update your information
Add new certificates from courses, recent work or publications to your portfolio.

38. Edit on social media
Don’t forget to duplicate all resume changes to your LinkedIn profile or other social networks where your employer may notice you.

39. See other people’s resumes




10 Ways to Improve Your Resume in an Hour or Less