Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Template

Here are a few things you’ll notice about this chronological resume example: Clear and concise job objective statement. It answers the employer’s first question when reading the resume: How can this job seeker help me with my bottom line? Degree after her name in the heading. We know from the heading that Sarah (not her real name) … Read more

High School Counselor Internship Resume

Here’s a chronological resume sample for a high school counselor internship. It was written by Anne, a college student working on her Master’s degree in Psychology. When you click on the link, Anne’s cover letter will open in a new window so you can toggle back and forth to see how the resume on this … Read more

Financial Editor Resume Sample

Here’s a chronological resume sample for a Financial Editor who has solid experience as a contract writer for several financial publications. Notice how his resume handles his contractual work history so that it fits with the professional image he needs to present. About This Sample Resume for a Financial Editor Roger (not his real name) … Read more

Cover Letter For Event Coordinator

applying for a job as an event coordinator. Of course, if he applies for a different job (for example, Marketing Associate), he will use a different cover letter that targets the new job and the new employer. Gary knows the name of the manager but has never met her and, therefore, is not on a … Read more

Cover Letter For Environmental Scientist

A colleague told Franco about a job opening for an environmental scientist at a research center in California. Franco is very interested, even though it would mean relocating from France if he got the job offer. The colleague told Franco he could drop his name in the cover letter, so Franco decided to give it … Read more

Employee Training Email Cover Letter

About This Email Cover Letter for Employee Training The first thing Mitchell does in his email is mention his friend, Peter, who his reader also knows. This gives his message a jumpstart because Peter is well regarded in his field. Then Mitchell reminds Ms. Bizwall that they have already spoken by phone and that this … Read more