Entry Level Administrative Assistant With No Experience

In most instances, a high school diploma is demanded. Since it’s with fresh graduates, often there’s the fear of how to begin filling the vacuum of experience. Office assistants are found in all industries and execute a vast collection of tasks including filing and managing records. Not certain how to compose your dental assistant resume. … Read more

Medical Administrative Assistant Resume No Experience

An administrative assistant is a significant person in an office atmosphere. Generally, nearly all of the administrative assistants are responsible to make certain that the doctors’ offices are operated smoothly. A medical administrative assistant a part of a health shipping team certified by experience and education to operate in a vast array of healthcare settings. … Read more

4 Reasons Not To Use A Functional Resume Format

Lately, a lot of job seekers have been asking about the functional resume format. They’re looking for ways to handle embarrassing work history problems — things like lay-offs, gaps in employment, and job hopping. While it’s true that the functional resume does give a nice clean way to deal with these problems, it’s not the … Read more

A Professional Resume Template

A professional resume template is one of the smartest tools you could have for creating your resume. A good resume template will make you look professional in the eyes of the employer, even before she reads a single word on the page. Of course, knowing how to pick a good resume template is key. And that’s … Read more

The Best Resume Format

  Does having the best resume format really matter? You bet it does! A good resume format makes it easy for an employer to see — in a few red-hot seconds — that you have the qualifications to do the job — and will do it well! What You Need to Know About Resume Formats The best resume … Read more

If your resume has these 10 mistakes

If your resume contains these 10 errors, you will not even be invited to an interview “Amazing people, these employers,” Vanya thinks. After all, I have a higher education, and my work experience is excellent, and I have category B rights, and I’m still at home. And Denis, who didn’t even have time to graduate, for example, … Read more

Combination Resume Template

The combination resume (as described in Choose a Resume Format) is very well received by recruiters and employers. It’s a great resume format for career changers and for those seeking promotions or vertical career moves. It’s also a very good format for someone who needs to give meaning to hard-to-understand job titles. This is sometimes the … Read more

Functional Resume Template

The functional resume format (as described in Choose a Resume Format) is the least preferred format by recruiters and employers. But, if you’re making an extreme career change or have a very confusing or troubled work history, the functional resume format may be your best bet. To see the functional resume in use by real job seekers, please … Read more