Chronological Resume Template

The chronological resume (as described in Choose a Resume Format) is the format recruiters and employers like most. It is especially good for job seekers who wish to stay in the same line of work and at the same level of employment. It’s also good for someone who wants to move up the ladder in the line of work they’re currently in.

Believe it or not, this resume format can handle some tough resume problems such as spans of unemployment, short-term jobs, and age issues. It takes a little thought to come up with those solutions, but it’s well worth your time to do so, just because this format is so well received by hiring managers.

Another good way to learn about the chronological resume is to browse through my group of Chronological Resume Examples. You’ll see lots of layouts, a good range of careers, and ideas for how to solve some of those problems I just talked about.

Chronological Resume Template

The following resume template is an image that you can view only. It’s meant to show how the chronological resume is structured.

If you need to download a chronological resume template, please see my Ready-Made Resume Builder, which has many chronological resume templates in several graphic designs.