Combination Resume Template

The combination resume (as described in Choose a Resume Format) is very well received by recruiters and employers. It’s a great resume format for career changers and for those seeking promotions or vertical career moves.

It’s also a very good format for someone who needs to give meaning to hard-to-understand job titles. This is sometimes the case with government and college job titles that use numbers or codes to show what level they are. As you can see in the combination resume template below, the skill headings help explain the job title.

To see how real job seekers used this format, browse through my combination resume examples. You’ll find a range of layouts and many types of careers. You might get some good tips for how to make your combination resume work for you.

Combination Resume Template

The following resume template is an image that you can view to grasp how the combination resume is structured.

If you’d like to download a combination resume template, please see my Ready-Made Resume Builder. The templates are in Word and come in many graphic layouts.