International Marketing Executive Cover Letter

In this cover letter sample for an International Marketing Executive, Andres shows that he’s done his homework and knows what his reader needs. He also addresses an issue of possible concern: his current unemployment. He does this very diplomatically in the last paragraph Unemployment Gap Explained in a Cover Letter Generally speaking, it’s not a … Read more

Sample Military Cover Letter

“Start your civilian job search early!” That’s the advice folks get about a year before they exit the military. But if you send out a resume months before you exit, how do you say you can’t start work right away? Don (not his real name) wrote in with that question. So I wrote a sample … Read more

Fill In The Blank Cover Letter Template

Usually I recommend keeping a cover letter short, especially a cover letter for a college graduate who is just starting her career. So I was interested when Maria (not her real name) sent me the following fill-in-the-blank cover letter template she created for various job applications. Maria “broke” a few of my cover letter guidelines. She: … Read more

Follow Up Email To Hiring Manager In Sporting Goods Sales

Brian emailed his sales resume to the manager of a sporting goods store. Later that week the manager replied that she was impressed by his resume and wanted to interview him. Brian sent this follow-up email to confirm. There are a few things to note about this follow-up email. The email subject line sums up … Read more

Cover Letter For Senior Sales Account Executive

This cover letter sample is so compelling, I can’t imagine that the employer would not want to interview and hire this job seeker. Anja hits every bottom line and emotional button in the book, showing off her good sales skills in the process. What strikes me most about this letter is the way Anja uses … Read more

Project Manager Cover Letter

Here’s a sample cover letter for a special type of job search: Anna wants to work for the same airline at the same airport she worked at six years ago. There’s a new hiring manager now so she has to sell herself all over again. Anna’s cover letter (below) needs to accomplish three things: Grab … Read more

Email Cover Letter For Medical Sales Associate

Sarah knows her email cover has to be good, and it needs to be concise. Recruiters are busy people. So she makes her email quick to read by inserting dash points that show how she is different from the average medical sales person. Notice that this is being sent to a company’s internal recruiter — … Read more

Cover Letter Sample For High School Counselor Internship

Here’s a cover letter sample written by Anne, a college student who is applying for a high school counselor internship to fulfill one of the requirements for her Master’s degree program. It is her hope that this internship will lead to a full-time position somewhere in the school district after she graduates. Anne’s cover letter … Read more

Cover Letter For Event Coordinator

applying for a job as an event coordinator. Of course, if he applies for a different job (for example, Marketing Associate), he will use a different cover letter that targets the new job and the new employer. Gary knows the name of the manager but has never met her and, therefore, is not on a … Read more