Functional Resume Template

The functional resume format (as described in Choose a Resume Format) is the least preferred format by recruiters and employers. But, if you’re making an extreme career change or have a very confusing or troubled work history, the functional resume format may be your best bet.

To see the functional resume in use by real job seekers, please browse my group of Resume Examples in the Functional Format. You’ll see how this format was used to solve some pretty tough resume problems. Notice the wide range of careers and levels of employment from entry-level to management.

As I said, the most employers don’t like the functional resume format, so you should avoid using it if you can. For that reason, when I updated the functional resume examples on my site, I converted them to either chronological or combination resume formats. In each case you can compare the two versions and see how the new one is better than the functional version.

Functional Resume Template

The following resume format is an image that you can view. Its goal is to show how the functional resume is structured.

If you need a functional resume template in Word that you can download, check out my Ready-Made Resume Builder. There is a small fee for the program.