How to describe skills in a resume

Skills are skills that describe you as a specialist in a particular field and show the level of skill at the tool. Therefore, describe this section as specifically as possible, backing up with examples from experience. We tell you how to describe your skills in the resume and why “sociability” has nothing to do with it.

Important! Do not confuse skills with personal qualities: sociability, stress resistance and responsibility. These words describe your personality, not your work experience.
Qualities are character properties that describe you as a person. For example, qualities can be called “stress resistance” and “responsibility.” But to write these words in a resume is not worth it, and how to properly describe personal qualities read here.

Point out relevant skills
You do not need to write that you perfectly own 1C, if you pretend to be a junior designer, where you need to know photoshop. Or focus on learning Portuguese if you plan to work for a German company. Of course, all these skills are not superfluous and will add to you the advantages in other positions, but now you need to tell the maximum about what will be useful in this position. Therefore, only include skills in your resume that will be useful in the intended position.

Industry skills
Here you need to tell about the skills without which in your industry can not do, which are typical of your specifics of work. For example:

If you work in logistics, it is the skills of inventory management and inventory accounting.
If you are a financial specialist, tell us about the experience of building models, knowledge of accounting, ability to calculate indicators.
For a project manager, it can be knowledge of the “drum-buffer-rope” technique or experience in managing scrum teams and planning the project resources.
The marketer should know the methods of qualitative and quantitative surveys, be able to conduct research, create and implement a strategy to promote the product.

Computer skills
Tell us about the software tools you own. You don’t need to write “MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint” or mention masterful office equipment – these are the skills that every employee should have “by default.” See how it should:

1C.Enterprise – reporting
“My Warehouse” – warehouse keeping
S’L (middle level) – writing queries, unloading data from the database

MS Excel (advanced level) – modelbuilding, predicting the Financial Analysis module
Audit Expert – reporting and financial analysis

Project management
MS Project – project planning, resource allocation, budget accounting
BPwin, ARIS – building a system product architecture

MailChimp – knowledge of the principles of work, creation of simple email mailings
Google AdWords – creating and promoting advertising companies at an advanced level
Photoshop (initial level) – image editing, infographics and banners for social media. Networks

Language skills
By pointing the language, i will change the level of knowledge. We remind you that if you know two sentences in Spanish, you do not need to specify the proficiency of this language in the resume.

I speak English at the advanced level, Speak fluent Spanish, and knowledge of Chinese is A1.




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