Concrete Beam Design Spreadsheet

When you are building a house, you have to consider several aspects of the design, from the design of the windows to the construction of the concrete beams and columns. If you have already begun the construction of your house and are thinking about the layout and composition of the concrete beams and columns you … Read more

Commercial Construction Schedule Template

A good commercial construction schedule template can help you get a jump start on the projects you want to complete. A good schedule helps you to manage the schedule of your business and to have an easy time to coordinate between employees and managers. A good schedule will provide you with a concise overview of … Read more

Commercial Construction Cost Breakdown

Every business owner wants to have an idea on how to calculate the commercial construction cost breakdown. He is seeking a guide, which can help him calculate these expenses. And he is hoping that he will be able to avoid miscellaneous expenses. There are many guides available but the most effective one is the commercial … Read more

Bridge Construction Drawings

Bridge construction drawings should be created according to the bridge’s design. When they are generated and produced, they should contain all specifications required to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the bridge. Bridge construction drawings may be acquired from manufacturers who will be able to help you with your bridge needs. You may also … Read more

Bill Of Materials Construction

When it comes to a bill of materials (BOM) construction, there are three main types of components used to create the final product. These include steel, plastic and glass. All three basic types of material to provide a great deal of flexibility when it comes to layout and structure. It also offers significant advantages in … Read more

Marketing Resume Sample

Here’s another resume sample for Marketing / Sales. This chronological resume was first written in the functional resume format many years ago. There was a time when the functional resume format was welcomed in the job market. It was a new resume approach for a job seeker who wanted to make a career change. But … Read more

Project Manager Resume Example

Here’s a combination resume sample for Project Manager at an airline. This resume has an unusual twist: The job seeker, Anna (not her real name), is using it to return to a position she held several years ago. Anna made some bold choices when building her resume. Take a look: Combination resume format.¬†Anna looked at … Read more

High School Counselor Internship Resume

Here’s a chronological resume sample for a high school counselor internship. It was written by Anne, a college student working on her Master’s degree in Psychology. When you click on the link, Anne’s cover letter will open in a new window so you can toggle back and forth to see how the resume on this … Read more