Salary of a doctor in 2019. How can a physician increase their salary by 10 times by writing the right resume?

Do doctors work well in Russia? Ask this question – and get directly opposite answers. Someone gets 20 thousand, someone 10-15 times more. Where does such a “fork” come from in the earnings of doctors? How to find a place where you will be paid from 100 thousand rubles? And what role does a correctly compiled resume play in this?

In 2018, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the average salary of a Moscow doctor reached 134 thousand rubles. Sobyanin’s statement was severely criticized by doctors. Real data show that the average salary of a doctor in Moscow is almost half that of the mayor. Nevertheless, there are vacancies with salaries of 300-500 thousand rubles.

If we take Russia as a whole, then the gap in the salaries of doctors will be even more significant. After a 6% indexation in 2019, the average salary of doctors in the Russian Federation, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, is 78,400 rubles with an run-up in the federal subjects from 20 to 110 thousand!

For a doctor from the region, not only the salaries of American doctors seem to be transcendental (according to Medscape, the average salary of a doctor in the USA exceeded $ 294,000 a year), but also of his Moscow colleagues. And in Moscow, the difference between the salaries of doctors can reach a whole order: from 50 thousand to half a million.

The medical profession refers to those areas of employment where income is variable and depends on many factors. By changing the place of work, a Russian physician can increase his income by 2, 3, 5 or more times!

What determines the salary of a doctor?

The difference in the salaries of doctors depends on a number of factors:

  • Medical specialty. So, the highest salaries (300-500 thousand rubles and higher) in Russia are noted in cardio and neurosurgery, plastic surgery (in the USA, anesthetists receive the most, then surgeons follow). Among the most “expensive” vacancies on the Russian labor market at the moment are offers for a reproductologist (up to 600 thousand rubles). The embryologist is offered up to 400 thousand rubles, up to 300 thousand for a dermatocosmetologist, and up to 200 thousand for an orthopedic dentist.

Changing a profession after many years of work is not easy. The difference in salaries among physicians of different specialties should first of all pay attention to young people choosing a professional path. However, a number of areas also allow one to switch to “subcontractors” in adulthood, to significantly increase incomes — for example, a dentist can become an implantologist or orthopedist, a gynecologist can become a reproductologist.

  • Clinic fame. In the private sector, salaries are higher, although this rule is not one hundred percent. Nevertheless, almost all the most “expensive” vacancies in the labor market – for reproductologists, dermatocosmetologists, dentists, venereologists – are the offers of private clinics. But for surgeons, the largest professional and financial growth in Russia is promised by large state centers (which also provide paid services, for example, in the field of orthopedics).

Many doctors combine work in public and private medical institutions. This allows not only to increase incomes, but also to diversify the risks associated with job loss.

  • Region. The place of work affects the average earnings of doctors, not only in Russia. For example, in the USA, with an average earnings of $ 7.1 per hour, there are states where this figure reaches $ 10.5 (in New York, Washington, California, etc.).

In Russia, the regional “run-up” in salaries is much more significant: several times. For example, in the Nenets and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Districts, the average salary of a physician is 103,125 rubles. and 109 440 rubles. accordingly, in Moscow – 70,000 rubles. (according to Sergei Sobyanin – 134 000 rubles), in St. Petersburg – 53 540 rubles, in Ivanovo – 31 600 rubles, and in Volgograd – only 21 300 rubles.

Thus, in Russia moving to an economically more prosperous region promises a salary increase of 2-5 times. In addition, the concentration of private clinics and prestigious medical centers in Moscow and large cities is higher, which means there are more chances to find a good job.

  • Professional level. Increasing the coefficients for the qualification category, academic degree, and honorary titles are added to the salary of doctors. But the authority of a physician gives much more benefits due to the development of professional ties – there are more chances to get a job in a prestigious institution, as well as to earn in the private sector due to the flow of patients.

Reputable doctors do not need to look for work – they themselves are looking for them: they receive individual offers from medical institutions.

  • Load. Unfortunately, high incomes often mean a solid burden on the physician. So, criticizing the statement of Sergei Sobyanin in the media and social networks, Moscow doctors massively note that the claimed bar of 134 thousand rubles is sometimes generated due to a load of 2–2.5 shifts.

There are two ways to increase income: extensive and intensive. You can take an extra load – or try to find a job where they will pay more per hour.

  • Health facility policy. Doctors complaining about low wages constantly point to abuses of the administration, to write bonuses and allowances depending on the will of the head physician. And vice versa: there are medical facilities where the administration practices a fair system of motivation.

If you think that the head doctor is abusing his position, you can fight complaints with him … or find a job where you will be appreciated and respected. The choice is yours.

How can a doctor increase his demand in the labor market?

In summary, we list the factors that will help the doctor find a job with a good salary:

  1. Improve qualifications, build credibility and professional ties. This profession is one of those where experience is valued. So, to find a good place over the years with an excellent specialist is increasing. This is one of the benefits of the profession. Create a name. Accumulate intellectual assets.
  2. Remember that water does not flow under a lying stone. Until you create a name for yourself, you should not expect that you will be filled up with profitable offers. Monitor the labor market, respond to vacancies, do not be afraid to look for a new job.
  3. Track the dynamics of salaries in your field. This will allow you not to get caught up in the swamp of comfort for many years, content with a low salary. The main thing is that the information about the earnings of more successful colleagues does not provoke envy, but stimulates personal development. Strive for higher earnings!
  4. Increase mobility. Create a financial pillow so that you can move to another region if attractive career prospects loom there.
  5. Make a compelling resume so that the potential employer understands that such an employee cannot be missed!

How can a doctor create a compelling resume?

We already wrote about the rules for compiling a doctor’s resume , so now we’ll emphasize the most important aspect: your resume should convey to the employer the idea that you are the specialist that the clinic needs .

David Melik-Huseynov, Director of the Research Institute of Health Organization and Medical Management of the Moscow City Health Department, answering the question of how to earn a doctor 135, 200, 300 thousand rubles and more, gave the following examples: you should solve the problems of the head doctor by improving the performance of the medical institution, reducing the number of complaints, increasing the efficiency of resource use. For a private clinic, and for the state, the influx of patients is important. Many medical institutions are interested in hiring specialists with innovative medical techniques who can work with the latest medical equipment.

Your resume should answer the questions:

  • How will you be useful to the employer?
  • How can you improve the image of a medical institution and increase its profit?
  • Why exactly you need to be hired in this clinic?

Make a competent, convincing, “selling” resume, in which there will be an offer – an offer that is beneficial for the employer. Answer yourself: for what do you pay 100 or 300 thousand rubles? If you have an answer to this question – reflect it in the resume, and a good place will be yours!