Sample Of A Thank You Letter After A Job Interview

Bill wanted to send a thank you letter after a job interview he’d had for a training position at a bank. The interview had gone well and Bill had a good feeling about his job prospects. But he also knew the competition was tough, so he sent a thank-you letter that gave the employer one more reason to offer Bill the job.

Thank You Letter After a Job Interview

Bill wrote the following thank-you letter after a job interview. He sent it as an email so it would get there fast.

Subject: Thank you for Training Job Interview, Bill Daly
Dear Ms. Hillman,
Thank you for spending such quality time with me yesterday. I especially enjoyed hearing about your business goals for the next five years, and found myself sharing your vision of 32 new branches in New York by 2011.
One point I forgot to mention when we spoke: I worked closely with my current supervisor to develop the training program now used in all new Eureka Savings offices nationwide.
I appreciate you giving me your direct phone number. I’ll call you in two weeks, as you suggested, once your applicant review is completed.
Again, thank you!
Very truly yours,
Bill Daly

If Bill had sent a hardcopy thank-you letter via snail mail, here’s what it might have looked like: