The most popular mistakes when compiling a resume of a sales consultant

There is a demand for professional employees in any field, but in trade it is the highest. This is due to the specifics of work: irregular and shift schedules, high tension, constant movement, the need to remain vigilant throughout the day, financial responsibility. These and other factors become the reasons for high staff turnover. Many employers approach the selection of personnel for the position of “sales consultant” very carefully. A well-written resume comes to the aid of job seekers.

Writing a resume of a sales consultant is a creative process and requires a careful approach. It is easy to make a mistake, and the result of a mistake is a denial of an interesting job. To prevent this situation, it is worthwhile to examine in more detail the most common mistakes when writing a resume for a seller and a sales assistant.

Elementary mistakes – literacy and design

When compiling a resume, a job seeker must succinctly and meaningfully describe his strengths and professional skills . Lyrical digressions in the document are of no interest to anyone; the writing is businesslike .

  1. The most primitive mistake of a resume is spelling , when the author shows the reader his illiteracy. This also includes any kind of typo, typos, violations of the style of presentation and structuring of the text.
  2. Unformatted canvas of letters, where indents are not respected, fonts of different sizes and styles are used, section names are not highlighted, it is rather difficult to read. And most likely, such a resume will go to the basket. Many professional personnel officers are able to read the text “diagonally”, visually identifying the most important points.

Illiterate formatting does not equally paint both the applicant for the position of leader and the applicant for the position of seller-cashier. These “mistakes” look especially curious in the resume of people who further write about their PC ownership.

Conclusion: it is strictly forbidden when writing a resume:

  • use different fonts (exception – partitioning);
  • Apply multi-colored text markers
  • decorate a business form with any kind of decor.

Opt out of phrases

Self-respecting employers will not study resumes that are like 2 drops of water similar to each other. In other words, even when using a ready-made template , it is necessary to fill it with responsibility and creativity.

Do not rewrite personal qualities from a typical seller’s resume:

  • sociability;
  • a responsibility;
  • discipline, etc.

It is much more interesting for the employer to find out the following information about the job seeker: the presence of good mathematical abilities, communication skills with any people, ownership of cash registers, and so on. Out of character traits, an employer of staff will appreciate openness, honesty, and a desire to develop.

The uniqueness of the applicant for the position of sales consultant is important to think carefully. It can be participation in some kind of competition, blogging on the Internet, exchange of experience with foreign experts, etc.

Refusal from template phrases should not be exaggerated. Many applicants for a vacant place begin to exaggerate their merits, this is not worth doing. A creative approach involves listing objective information. Examples: “I trained two colleagues in the art of increasing sales in 3 weeks”, “I expanded the assortment on the shelves by 25%, thereby increasing the store’s revenue by 18 thousand rubles. per month”.

Conscious misrepresentation

Worse grammatical errors may be inaccurate information regarding the professional experience of the job seeker. Most often, people distort the chronological dates of work in previous places. This may be due to the presence of a large number of employers or, conversely, to a long interruption in work without reason.

It is more honest to explain to a potential employer forced or voluntary unemployment for several years than to subsequently appear before a boss as a deceitful, dodgy employee.

Indication of incorrect information in the questionnaire quickly becomes apparent. Large companies check all new staff with their own security services, and in smaller organizations fraud will open at the time of employment and the provision of a work book.

Inflating resume volumes

Some job applicants begin to describe their entire careers in great detail from the moment they graduate. You do not need to do this, recruiters do not read poems. It is important in a chronological sequence to list previous employers indicating the position held.

Another important detail: it’s better to save your resume in PDF format. Such a file can be opened on any medium in a free reader, which is always on all devices.

The list of unnecessary information includes the listing of personal hobbies, car make, habits, artistic talents and so on. Placing inappropriate photos in the resume also becomes a reason for refusal of employment. The employer does not care how his seller looks in a swimsuit or tracksuit.

Another extreme of inflating resume sizes is to send a half-empty form. Even in the absence of experience, it is worth mentioning active participation in the life of the university or work skills at home (freelance, for example).

Enumeration of common errors can be long, the most popular of them are considered above. If you do not allow their appearance in the compiled form, you can hope for an early employment. A supplement to the summary of recommendations and a cover letter significantly increase the likelihood of an invitation to an interview.