The role of a letter of recommendation when applying for an administrator job

The administrator of a hotel, trading floor, fitness center, beauty salon or other facility must have the skills of a manager. The general productivity of labor depends on his ability to organize the work of subordinates and to set feasible tasks for them. When selecting candidates for the position of administrator, an employer does not have enough resumes and then recommendations from previous places of work come to the rescue.

Admin summary: a few nuances

It is possible to interest a potential employer only with the achievements of the applicant for a vacant position. Moreover, achievements are called measurable successes, expressed by numbers, terms, significant changes in the performance of the company for a certain period. The main requirements for achievements:

  • specifics;
  • measurability;
  • impressiveness;
  • correspondence of the position of interest.
As options for professional achievements for the administrator – expanding the client base by 10% or reducing staff turnover from 25 to 19%, etc.

Personal qualities do not occupy the last place in the resume. The following correlation of individual sections of the document on attractiveness for employers, recognized among recruiters, can be given:

  1. 40% – professional skills;
  2. 40% – personal characteristics of the job seeker;
  3. 20% is the motivation for getting this particular job.

Personal qualities that an administrator must possess:

  • openness
  • practicality;
  • purposefulness;
  • ability to manage a team;
  • energy;
  • stress resistance, etc.

At the interview, the employer may ask the person to give a concrete example of his initiative, for example. And the job seeker should be ready to back up the statements stated in the resume with real cases from his professional life. As an option: I was able to bring the company to a new level after a long decline in sales due to the implementation of such and such tasks.

When transferring official duties, the administrator should start with the most significant: leadership skills, the ability to build a dialogue with any partner, command of quick response tactics to changing environmental conditions, etc.

It is better to put the skills of paperwork for your work area in one of the last places, because This function does not carry an important information load.

And yet – the title of the resume should in some way identify its author. Example: Ivanova_Olga_Admin.

So they came close to the topic of the article – the role of cover letters in hiring.

Are administrator recommendations important?

According to specialists in the employment market, a well-written cover letter can increase the attractiveness of a resume by 20%. Externally, this document can be represented in the following image.


A letter of recommendation is a document, which in its essence is a review of a job seeker by the previous employer. The author of the recommendation briefly characterizes the specialist on the following issues:

  1. professional skills;
  2. current achievements;
  3. major successes while working in the company;
  4. employee strengths.
Important: in the absence of practical experience, the adviser may be the head of the university department or the dean of the faculty, who graduated from the job seeker.

When writing a letter of recommendation, you must adhere to the following structure:

  • document title
  • at the request of the author, the addressee of the letter is indicated, if it is written for any potential employer – the mark “to whom” is not made;
  • information about the job seeker and an explanation of who he is recommended. Example: “Mr. Petrov Artem worked under my direct supervision of the administrator of the trading floor of the store of SvyazServis LLC from 03/14/2011. until 12/30/2015. “, etc .;
  • a mention of the position held by a person and his functional duties, a list of skills, achievements and personal characteristics;
  • you can specify the reason for the dismissal of an employee from the company, but this information is optional;
  • the next block of the letter is the author’s direct recommendations for employment of the document recipient.

Mandatory requisites of a letter of recommendation are the seal of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur, signature, position and decoding recommender. An employer contact telephone number and the date of signing the form will also be required.

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