Write A Cover Letter

Your resume is ready to go. Now you need to know how to write a cover letter or cover email. It needs to be a good one if you’re going to convince the employer to call you for an interview. So let’s get to work on it.

Cover Letter Rules

A cover letter is a great chance to make a connection with the employer. Many job seekers waste that opportunity by either writing a poor cover letter or not sending one at all. So kudos to you for taking time to do it right.

Before you start writing, read theseĀ Four Rules of the Road for Job Search Letters and Emails. They’ll help give you an edge on your job search competition.

8 Steps: How to Write a Cover Letter or Cover Email

If you’re like most job seekers, you want to know: How do I start? What should I say? How “salesy” should I be?

I put together eight steps to answer those questions. With this guide you’ll know how to write a cover letter that has just the right amount of personal and professional tone.

  1. Research The Employer
    Before you can write a cover letter that targets the job you want, you need to know what the employer’s goals are.
  2. Hardcopy Cover Letter: Create the Header, Date, and Inside Address
    If you’re writing a hardcopy cover letter, this is the first section you need to write.
    Cover Email: Use a Unique Subject Line
    If you’re sending your cover note via email, the subject line is key. Be sure to read this.
  3. Start Your Cover Letter or Cover Email With a Greeting
    Know how to address the recruiter or employer, even when you don’t know his or her name.
  4. The Lead Line
    The first sentence needs to grab the reader and reel him in. Here are some good ideas for doing just that.
  5. The Sales Pitch
    Learn ways to write a pitch that shows your professional value.
  6. The Closer
    End your letter on a note that makes the employer want to call you for an interview.
  7. Your Cover Letter Sign Off
    This isn’t brain surgery, but you want to be sure to do it right.
  8. Proofread Your Cover Letter Carefully
    A typo in your letter can kill your chance for the job. Follow this tip for a perfect letter.

But Wait… There’s More Cover Letter Help

  • Should You Talk About Salary / Pay Request in Your Cover Letter?
    This is one of the most often asked questions. Do you know that answer?
  • Cover Letter Template
    A handy tool for seeing what gets said in each part of a good cover letter or cover email.
  • Sample Cover Letters
    One of the best ways to learn is through example… cover letter examples.
  • Sample Thank You Letters
    You’re going to need a thank you letter after the interview and at other times during your job search. Take a peek at these.